benefits of experience design:

Quickly bring your product to market with a high level of quality:
  • » Accelerate market entry. Accurate product's interface in a very short period of time.
       Case study:
  • » Make your ideas tangible. Engage stakeholders, funders, developpers and users.
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  • » Keep feature proliferation at bay. Focus on simplicity. Stay in tune with your users' mental models.

From product inception to version 1.0, gain a considerable amount of time compare to conventional usability methods, and with the same ratio of matches vs. mismatches in the product's interface.


« Overview of the basic steps and deliverables
involved during a UI design process.

Efficiently iterate your product development on solid foundations:
  • » Minimize testing costs. Perform user tests when they can generate the most valuable data.
  • » Plan product evolution. Real-time monitoring of user experience performance.
  • » Improve UI accuracy. Apply "Agile" product engeneering through tighter releases.

Each release is monitored and tested on the fly while developping subsequent versions with a maximum of relevance.

Every product or service is an interface in the eye of users:

I design User Interfaces and User Experiences for a wide variety of projects in many fields of application: 

  • » Business to business applications such as CRM, ERP and HR applications.
  • » Web 2.0 applications, content portals, Software as a Services (SaaS).
  • » Complex ecosystems like integrated shopping malls or entire N-tiers services.
  • » Devices and hardware From portable to home devices, or musical instruments.